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Literally meaning ‘baked earth’, Terracotta roof tiles can last for centuries. While there are a multitude of reasons to choose Monier’s Terracotta roof tiles, here are the top five reasons why Monier’s Terracotta tiles are worth the investment

With a track record of creating classically elegant homes in the American tradition, it was only natural that Rosewood Homes would be a clear winner with homebuyers wanting the so-hot-right-now Hamptons look

With the Hamptons look still hugely popular with homeowners, DRHomes has made it their own by adapting it for acreage properties. 

After an extensive and stylish renovation, the Higgins family decided they needed a roof that matched their new home.

With so many options for roof tiles available, discovering the best roof tile for your needs can feel a little daunting. We've weighed up all the key considerations when choosing roof tiles for your home or project.