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Solar Absorption

The Solar Absorptance measures the level of the sun’s radiation absorbed by surface material. Roofing materials are classified using a solar absorption value ranging from 0 to 1. Higher values have a higher level of solar absorption.

The National Construction Code (NCC) and Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) classifies colour into light, medium and dark based on their solar absorptance. Please note the rating structure between NCC and BASIX are different.


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NCC Clasification
Light < 0.40
Medium 0.40 - 0.60
High 0.60 - 1.05
Basix Clasification
Light < 0.475
Medium 0.475 - 0.70
High 0.70 - 1.0
Tile Colour BASIX Rating NCC Rating Solar Absorption (%SA)
Concrete Range
Aniseed Dark Dark 84.8
Babylon Dark Dark 87.8
Barramundi Dark Dark 92.7
Camelot Dark Dark 91.7
Caraway Dark Dark 89
Chilli Dark Dark 88.4
Chocolate Dark n/a n/a
Mist Grey ** Light Medium 46.7
Saffron Medium Dark 69
Salt Spray Light Medium 41.7
Sambuca Dark Dark 95.7
Seashell ** Light Medium 42.5
Silver Perch Dark Dark 78.8
Soho Night Dark Dark 93.4
Wild Rice Medium Dark 68
Wollemi Dark Dark 90.2
Terracotta Range
Aurora Dark Dark 85.1
Bedrock Dark Dark 86.6
Bungalow Medium n/a n/a
Burgundy Dark n/a n/a
Comet Dark Dark 78.7
Cottage Red Dark Dark 82.3
Delta Sands Dark Dark 73.5
Earth Medium Medium 56.9
Florence Red Dark Dark 77.9
Mars Medium Medium 56.9
Mystic Grey Dark Dark 83.2
Peak Dark Dark 83.4
Pottery Brown Dark Dark 84.3
Ravine Dark Dark 73.4
Riverstone Medium Dark 67.1
Sunset Medium Dark 64.6
Tanbark Dark Dark 84.7
Titan Dark Dark 88.2
Titan Gloss Dark Dark 88.3
Roofcoat Range
Atlantis Medium Dark 60.8
Bunya Dark Dark 77.2
Chai Dark Dark 75.6
Fig Dark Dark 89.8
Huon Medium Medium 59.1
Vodka Light Medium 42.5