Design Inspiration with Monier

Within this page, you will find eight stunning trends, all the way from the Hamptons, down to the urban cities of Australia. Each look contains material and colour selections required to create the look you want, from the roof down.

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The illustrious Hamptons lifestyle of carefree summer living has inspired the popular coastal trend in Australia, with the Hamptons style dressing a home both inside and out.

The signature characteristics of the Hamptons home include shingle roofing, Georgian windows, French doors and an expansive verandah paired with a muted colour palette in greys and contrasting white trims. For a more durable and long-lasting build, the integrity of brick for the exterior in lighter stone shades sets off the Hamptons home while giving it an authentic Australian feel.

How to get the Hamptons look: Monier has sourced the ideal materials needed to design the perfect Hamptons home exterior.
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Inner city living and the conversion of industrial spaces such as warehouses and workshops into residential dwellings inspires the modern aesthetic of Urban Industrial.

A mix of raw materials such as brick and reclaimed timbers are all prominent features on the façade, with finishes varying from perfectly powder-coated to rusted and worn. Colour palettes are kept simple and relatively moody – charcoal and grey being prominent choices offset by warm earthy tones of reds and browns. Creative use of roof tiles adds an industrial feel to the exterior.

How to get the Urban Industrial look: Monier has sourced the ideal materials needed to design the perfect Urban Industrial home exterior.
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The essence of the Ultra Contemporary style home is found in mid-century modernist architecture which prides itself in unadorned simplicity.

A wide range of exterior finishes are used including render, weatherboard, concrete cladding or brick – but the clean lines, angular shapes and cubic forms in the architecture of the home are really what make it contemporary. Skillion style roofs are popular in the Ultra Contemporary home, making Monier’s flat range of roof tiles the perfect option.

How to get the Ultra Contemporary look: Monier has sourced the ideal materials needed to design the Ultra Contemporary home exterior.
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The architecture of Australian Coastal aims to capture the beautiful & unique landscape; which is usually made up of natural materials such as weathered timber and stone, this style is perfectly suited to native surroundings.

Colours blend into sand and sea – a mix of earthy and light natural colours capture the palette of the Australian coastline. Highlights of recycled or reclaimed materials promote sustainable practices. Australian Coastal’s building materials must withstand the harsh elements and be durable in tough coastal conditions, making Monier roof tiles the perfect roofing solution.

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The Country Estate's architectural style provides a mix of traditional and contemporary elements to create a rural look blending with Australian bushland. The façade features mixed materials – classic brick in reds, creams and browns are an obvious choice to blend naturally with a country palette. Weatherboards combine with stone cladding or rendered finishes and accents of metal in details such as exposed barn-style hinges, lighting and door furniture.

Key architectural features of a Country Estate are gable-style roof lines, casement windows, traditional finials and the all-essential verandah.

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In Australia, a traditional home is one that features the attributes from the Victorian era of architecture. Inspiration is taken from miners’ cottages and terrace houses to create the Traditional Home exterior style.

The Traditional Home has ornate features & the home may be made up of brick, render, weatherboard or a combination of these finishes. The roof features a gable finish with a slate or shingle-look roof tile which perfectly complements the homes traditional features. Add a modern touch by selecting a charcoal or grey roof tile for depth.

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The Designer style home is one of the most popular when it comes to a new build or an exterior renovation, as it provides elements you can easily use to update the look of your home.

A combination of mixed materials including stacked stone, render and modern brick come together to create a layered contemporary look. Our flat roof tile range all work together with the Designer style home’s exterior.

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One of the most popular interior trends for the noughties, the Scandinavian style is loved for its simplicity that is also full of texture and warmth. Now emerging as a strong exterior style, the Scandi home captures the essence of this trend.

Scandi utilises a mix of materials – refined slimline bricks, blonde or black stained timber and concrete are all popular finishes. The flat style roof tile in a dark charcoal completes the Scandi exterior. Simple A-frame, skillion or open gable structures epitomise Scandi architecture.