Hamptons in the country

With the Hamptons look still hugely popular with homeowners, DRHomes has made it their own by adapting it for acreage properties. 

The simple elegant lines of the Hamptons look shows no sign of falling out of fashion – indeed its classic good looks has some home designers predicting the style will be with us for decades to come.

Family-owned building company, Queensland-based DRHomes, has been designing and selling Hamptons-style homes for the last four or five years with great success. 

The company has adapted the look of these classic American homes over recent years to move with design trends and also to make it work with their key market – acreage homes.

Director of DRHomes, David Reilly, says their latest design, the Delaney 39, is just the latest iteration in their take on the Hamptons and it’s proving very popular with their customers.

“Hamptons is the big thing at the moment, and we specialise in acreage homes, so we thought we’d put the two together and see what happened, and that’s what we got,” he explains. 

“Hamptons style is the bulk of what we sell,” he adds. “We had a Hamptons design in a display village about four years ago, and when we shut it down, we thought, we’ll build a new one, revamp it, put some improvements in it. This ended up being the new Delaney, and it’s proven quite popular.”

Reilly says that most of their customers are looking at their third or fourth home – their forever home – and they often want to customize DRHomes’ standard designs because they tend to know what they need and want by this stage of their real estate journey.

“The third or fourth home buyer has got a little bit more money to spend and they want to change things around,” says Reilly. “So, while we don’t have a lot of standard designs, they do lend themselves to easy changes, so we have customers who will customize it themselves but still pay a project home price.”

Based in south-east Queensland, DRHomes tends to have homes designed on a grander scale, perfectly suited to customers with a bit of land.

The Delaney 39 is definitely one for a gracious style of living, offering a classical design. It includes a mix of materials on the façade, including cultured stone, as well as Monier’s classical Horizon concrete tiles for the roof.

Reilly says that they are finding more and more of their customers are choosing a tiled roof for Hamptons-style homes, because it fits in with their aesthetic and they appreciate the quality provided by tiles.

Available in a palette of 14 inspirational colours, the Horizon tile is one of Monier’s most popular tiles and has been designed to deliver a streamlined look to integrate with the Hamptons style.

The charcoal tones of Sambuca and Barramundi are the most popular choices for homeowners looking for the Hamptons look because they tend to create the slate look of the style.

“There definitely seems to be a move back to tiles,” Reilly says. “Monier is very aware of this and they’re working hard at facilitating it for companies such as ours.”



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