Monier's Coastal Series

Influenced by the lighter colours of Australia's coastline.
Explore Monier's latest light colour tile options.

The roof of your home makes up to 30% of the entire facade and is exposed to high levels of UV, making the roof design of your home an important decision. 

Selecting the right roof colour depends on the location of your home, and other building requirements. For homes located in warmer climates such as, Queensland and parts of NSW, the NCC suggests the use of lighter colours with low SA values is ideal to achieve a 7-star energy rating home. Likewise for homes located in colder climates such as, parts of NSW and VIC, you should opt to select a darker roof colour with high SA values. 

The Monier Coastal Series is an inspirational palette of 4 colours, offering a low SA value. This exclusive range of colours is available with the Monier's Classic and Premium Collections for QLD and parts of North NSW. 

Coastal Series

Colour Range

Salt Spray
Mist Grey
Wild Rice
Elabana is a versatile profile that combines traditional good looks with exceptional product performance. ​ *Salt Spray & Mist Grey only available in QLD.
Atura is a classically style roof tile showcasing an authentic charm that will enhance any Australian home.  *Salt Spray & Mist Grey only available in QLD.
The ultimate flat roof tile, designed to deliver a sleek and streamlined look that integrates seamlessly with modern Australia architectural trends. Comes with C-LOC™ Colour Lock Technology.