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Monier ONEGO™ 
Now available at selected Bunnings stores across NSW, VIC & QLD.

Monier ONEGO™ is premixed all-in-one bedding mortar & flexible pointing system that has been developed to simplify the process of ridge repair and replacement. Monier ONEGO™ is an adhesive Mechanical Fastener for hip and ridge tiles developed in accordance with AS4046.8-2015 which requires all ridge and hip tiles to be fastened. It has also passed the fatigue loading for Cyclonic Conditions C3 after conditioning by prolonged water saturation as per Australian Standard AS4046.8-2015. Once cured, Monier ONEGO™ forms an incredibly strong and durable bond between the tiles and the ridge.

  • Can be used on both concrete and terracotta ridge/roof tiles. 
  • Coloured oxides can be added to ONEGO™  ‘Neutral’ to match any roof tile colour.
  • Fast same day installation 
  • No painting required 
  • Replaces sand/cement bedding mortar & pointing 
  • Water clean-up
  • Coverage: Approx 2-3 lineal metres per 10L pail
Monier Flexible Pointing

Monier Flexible Pointing is an adhesive mechanical fastener for concrete and terracotta hip and ridge tiles. It has been designed to meet AS4046.8-2015 standards for the fixing of hip and ridge tiles.

Flexible pointing differs from traditional and inherently brittle cement mortar pointing in that it retains a significant post cure flexibility. This enables it to flex in harmony with roof movements without cracking or breaking away. Monier Flexible Pointing is available in a range of contemporary and heritage colours to match concrete and terracotta roof tiles.

  • 10yr product warranty
  • Wide-range of popular colours
  • Australian Made
  • 22 lineal metres average coverage to a 10L pail
  • Water clean-up
Monier Roofcoat

Monier Roofcoat is specially formulated for exterior roofing applications. It is a 100% acrylic polymer high-gloss colour coating that protects your roof from the harsh Australian conditions. Monier Roofcoat is suitable for most concrete roof tiles and rust free metal roofs with appropriate surface preparation.

Monier Roofcoat is available in the full Monier concrete roof tile colour palette consisting of inspired modern colour trends and classic heritage tones.

Monier Roofcoat also comes in two forms of primer to provide optimal surface preparation and product adhesion.

  • Full Monier concrete roof tile colour palette
  • Australian made
  • Water based for easier clean-up
  • Designed specifically for roofing applications
  • Primers for concrete roof tiles and metal
Roof Clouts

Monier galvanised roof clouts are suitable for concrete and terracotta roof tiles. Available in two sizes, 50mm and 65mm, Monier galvanised roof clouts will work with all major tile manufacturers’ profiles.

Monier premixed bedding mortar

Premixed mortar

Monier Premixed Bedding Mortar helps the installer to achieve consistent results and remove the guesswork when it comes to mixing sand and cement.

Our Premixed Bedding Mortar is a blended product manufactured from cement, quality sand, and selected additives, designed specifically for bedding concrete and terracotta hip and ridge tiles.

It is formulated to retain moisture and resist slumping to improve workability. 

  • 10-year product warranty
  • Australian made
  • Premixed, just add water  
  • One 20kg bag covers approximately 2.5 lineal metres of hip or ridge



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