Some helpful tips to help you enhance the longevity of your tiled roof


Exposure to UV, pollution and other environmental factors can take their toll. If you have a concrete tile, composite or metal roof, it will gradually dull with time. This should be expected, but is also easily fixed with regular respraying.

It’s worth mentioning that terracotta tiles never fade and always retain their colour. This is because the colour is a natural attribute of the material.


Occasionally, natural salts within concrete roof tiles can migrate to the surface to form a whitish-greyish discolouration. It’s called efflorescence and it’s just a temporary cosmetic thing. You will find that it should disappear on its own over time.

Moisture means moss

Moss and lichen spores are everywhere in the air and they can settle and grow on most roofing materials. Moss and lichen grow only where there is sufficient build-up of moisture and dirt particles to support them. Removing the growth is easy. A quick turn with a low-pressure hose or a chemical solution will be enough to remove unwanted growth.

Check your gutters, downpipes and valleys

Uncleared gutters, downpipes and valleys are a common cause of roof leaks. You should give them an inspection regularly – at least once a year.


Painted roofs need repainting

If you choose to have your concrete roof painted you will need to respray it again every five years or every so often to retain that fresh-coat lustre.

There is a common misconception that respraying will improve the waterseal of a roof. (It won’t.) It just makes the roof look nicer.

It may make a lot more economical sense to consider retiling your roof with terracotta, where you will never need to respray your roof.

What to do about a leaking roof or broken tiles

If your roof or tiles need repair, it is always best to employ a qualified roofing professional to undertake the work. Walking on roofs can be dangerous and cause additional damage to your tiles.

If you need someone to fix your roof or replace broken tiles, check out our Find our Roofer page and search for a local roofer with the technical know-how.


What can you use to help maintain your roof?

Monier has a range of handy DIY roofing products to help you maintain and protect your roof. From roofcoat and flexible pointing, we can help you keep your roof in top condition. Find out more about any of our roof maintenance products below.

Where To Find More Handy Advice

If you have a technical question you can always make a call to 1800 666 437. We’re always happy to chat about your roof, or you can download.


Does Your Roof Need More Than Just Maintenance?

In some cases, a re-roof is actually a better and more long-term option than maintenance. Head over to our re-roof page to find out if this option is more suitable for you.