Storm Season - Check Your Roof

It seems every summer we see the devastating impacts of storms, floods, bush fires and cyclones on our communities – so make sure your roof protects the people you love this storm season.



While September to March is commonly known as ‘storm season’ – storms and high rainfall events actually hit different parts of Australia all year round. This means that Aussie homeowners need to be prepared for the wild weather – and potential threat to property – that severe storms and high rainfall events bring at any time.

Your roof is the first line of defense against wild weather and a severe storm can cause your home significant damage if your roof isn’t in the best condition prior to the storm hitting. Areas of damage to a roof can sometimes be hard to pinpoint, but even the smallest crack or structural weakness can become a much larger problem when a vicious storm occurs. 


Check your Roof for Signs of Damage

When you get the opportunity, it is worth getting your roof checked out by a professional roofing company for any signs of damage. The earlier in Storm Season (or even outside of Storm Season) you get this done, the better.

That way, you can address any possible problem areas and get them resolved before a devastating storm hits. Some signs of roof damage may include:

• Water damage or sagging of your ceiling
• Indentations or cracks on your roofing
• Loose materials - naturally if you’re missing a tile or two, or even part of a tile, it needs immediate addressing
• Localised discolouration – with certain roofing materials, discolouration can be a sign of excess moisture and/ or the formation of algae, which weakens the integrity of the roofing materials
• Gutters overflowing when it rains – if not caused by your gutters being clogged with twigs and leaves, could be a sign that something’s not quite right with your roof
• Roof framing has become warped and/or damaged
• Leaks and dark stains inside your home can be signs of damage caused by water seeping in from the outside
• A damp, stale smell in the ceiling space


We can help you keep safe this Season

Even if your roof is in great condition prior to a severe storm, there is still the slight likelihood that it could sustain some damage. If you’re concerned your roof has been damaged as a result of a storm, you should certainly have it checked out.

You can do these checks yourself if you prefer, however, working at heights can be dangerous so we recommend calling on a Monier Roofing Specialist to help you out. Signs of damage after a storm are similar to those listed above, as strong weather conditions and general aging play the biggest roles in a roof sustaining damage.

Improper roof maintenance will also speed up the process of deterioration.

check your roof

Protecting the People we Love

At Monier, we are very clear about why we even exist. We’re here to help you protect the people you love. That’s why Monier roofs stand strong in the wind, rain and hail because we’ve been doing it for over 100 years.

Monier offers a network of expert roofing specialists who can inspect your roof and make pre-cautionary repairs to protect the ones you love during storm season.

Download a copy of the Monier Storm Season Flyer. 


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