For a trusted standard solution, Bradford Energy offer a range of high-efficiency panels capable of handling the elements, ensuring reliable solar power outputs for decades to come. This is a great option if you are adding to an existing roof.

If you’re thinking of going solar, it might be a great time to consider whether it’s time to upgrade your whole roof together! Whether you’re building new or considering re-roofing as part of a renovation, then an advanced solar solution could be a feature of your design. Easily installed as part of your build, InlineSOLAR™ and SOLARtile™ can offer high-efficiency solar combined with brilliant tile options to bring style to your home.

For a sleek aesthetic with all the benefits, InlineSOLAR’s™ recess mounted panels could be the perfect fit for a new roof. Powerful and flexible, InlineSOLAR™ is available exclusively with all Monier concrete and terracotta tiled roofs and can be coupled with Tesla Powerwall.

For the premium solution, the seamless integration of SOLARtile™ ensures you never compromise the look of your Monier roof.



Able to be elegantly recess-mounted within most Monier rooflines, InlineSOLAR™ delivers all the benefits of solar while retaining a sleek aesthetic.


SOLARtile™ seamlessly integrates with selected Monier concrete tile profiles and are just as strong, delivering a stunning look without compromise.