Monier Solar Roofing

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Monier solar roofing

The Power of Solar Roofing

Monier Solar Roofing combines the power of 100 years roofing experience with the high-tech solar expertise of Bradford Energy, making it easier than ever for Australian homeowners to join the solar age.

It’s the easy, one-stop way to buy and install market-leading solar roofing technology – one of the most significant advances ever seen in the Australian market.

Available when re-roofing or building your dream home, Monier Solar roofing is the easy, one stop way to buy and install market-leading solar roofing technology – one of the most significant advances ever seen in the Australian market.

Learn how solar works, the incredible benefits it can bring to your lifestyle and the packages on offer through Monier Solar Roofing.


Monier and Bradford Energy will tailor the best solar package to suit your location’s environmental conditions, your usage patterns and budget.

Whether it’s a new home or a re-roofing project, the longevity and flexibility of Monier roofing always provide the standard of excellence you’d expect from Australia’s leading roofing company.

Monier SOLARTiles

Monier SOLARtiles are built to take a beating from the elements. They are hail-proof and strong enough to be walked on like any other tile.

Unlike traditional bolt-on systems, the impact on natural wind flow around the roof is minimised, which means you don’t get any extra strain or debris building up around the system.

Also, there is no need to cut, grind or drill through your existing roof during installation.

  • Integrated Panel
  • Structural Integrity
  • First in Australia


Compatible with all Monier roofing tiles, InlineSOLAR is recess-mounted within your roof line, bringing you all the benefits of solar while maximising the street appeal of your home.

Available in standard black framed panels, InlineSOLAR can be upgraded to the elite panel option, using the industry-leading LG all-black panels.

  • Integrated Panel
  • Structural Integrity
  • First in Australia
SOLARtile Monier SOLARtiles’ unique integrated design means you won’t ever compromise the visual appearance of...
InlineSOLAR Compatible with all Monier roofing tiles, InlineSOLAR is recess-mounted within your roofline...
SOLAR Offering
SOLAR Offering The nation’s largest and longest-established roofing company now makes it easier for Australia’s...

Australia has more solar radiation energy available per square metre than anywhere in the world.

From adding beauty and value to your property to lowering energy bills, cutting pollution and bringing you more independence from the grid, Monier Solar Roofing, powered by Bradford, gives back to you in ways that other power sources cannot.


Monier uses the best and most trusted Tier 1 Solar Manufacturers – which make up only 2% of the industry.

All Tier 1 Solar Manufacturers come with a 10 year warranty plus a 25 year performance guarantee, so you know you’re making a real investment with a company who will be there every step of the way.

The Bradford warranted solar systems are covered by an industry leading warranty.


Monier Solar roofing offers a complete energy solution for your home. Now offered with the Tesla Powerwall 2, Monier Solar Roofing allows you to maximise the benefits of your solar by building greater energy independence for your home.

With a solar battery as a part of your solar system, you keep your excess solar electricity stored at home, instead of sending it back to the grid. Later, when your solar panels aren’t producing electricity, your fully charged batteries use their stored energy to help power your home into the evening.

You will only send electricity back to the grid when your battery is fully charged, and only draw electricity from the grid when your battery is depleted and demand is high.


First impressions definitely count. Your roof makes up 30% of the façade of your house, so choosing the right roof can make all the difference to the look and value of your home

Achieve the look you want with strong and beautiful Terracotta or Concrete tiles from our solar roofing range.

  • • Better colour performance
  • • Never rusts or corrodes
  • • First in Australia
  • • Thermal insulation
  • • Acoustic insulation

Your Monier solar roofing is compatible with the full range of Monier roof tiles. See below for details on our range of roofing tiles.


When it comes to performance and colour, nothing is longer lasting than Terracotta.

Monier Terracotta roof tiles are made from natural Australian clay and fired at a temperature of over 1000°C, baking the colour right into the tile, enabling it to withstand Australia’s harshest weather elements and the test of time.

That’s why we offer a 50 year guarantee on both colour and performance. Full range compatible with InlineSOLAR.


Concrete tiles are the most economical roofing material on the market.

Concrete tiles get stronger with age and are tested to withstand the harsh Australian weather and come in the widest selection of colours and profiles.

Our C-LOC™ Colour Technology allows our tiles to retain their gloss 8x better than Colorbond® Steel and is available on all flat concrete profiles.

InlineSOLAR is compatible with the full range of Monier Concrete and Terracotta tiles while SOLARtile is compatible with the flat concrete roof tiles